Live Fire Training: Get in there and do what?

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"LIVE" fire training has been around for years and years-and in most cases-it makes a very positive difference in making sure firefighters get realistic, hands on and effective training.

But unfortunately, in some cases "fire training out of control" has lead to serious injuries and tragically, the deaths of several firefighters, instructors and officers. Even now, in the year 2006-there are some in fire leadership roles that feel that during training "if a firefighter doesn't get burned, or are afraid to get burned, they aren't doing their job..."

Things that make you go Hmmmm...

Join Radio@Firehouse.Com Through The Smoke host Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder and his guests, Chief David Casey-Florida State Fire College, Chief Dave Daniels-Chair of the IAFC Safety, Health and Survival Section and Chief Tim Sendelbach, President of ISFSI for a very serious discussion of interest to ALL FIREFIGHTERS on the good, the bad and the ugly issues, standards and latest facts related to LIVE FIRE TRAINING.

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Reports from the Florida State Fire College:

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