The Leader's Toolbox: Fire Service Mentoring & Professional Development

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Dr. Richard B. Gasaway talks with two firefighters who have mentored and currently serve as mentors. His guests include Contributing Editor Ryan Pennington, a Charleston, WV, firefighter and Jason Ferris, a firefighter with the Uniondale, NY, Fire Department.

The two guests share their experiences as mentees under Rich Gasaway in the past and talk about how they have transitioned to mentors of younger firefighters.

The three discuss the mentoring process for both sides, including the qualities of a successful mentor and how to seek out the ones you want to be mentored by. They share tips on planning, strategizing and information sharing. Ferris shares his lessons as a U.S. Marine and how the military helps create new leaders. 

Whether you are a veteran firefighter, or a new firefighter hitting the streets, this program can help you set the stage for a successful career and passing of seasoned knowledge.

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