Rapid Intervention Realities Roundtable

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Deputy Chief Jeffrey Pindelski hosted a roundtable chat on rapid intervention at Firehouse World earlier this month. The group head first into discussions into training, qualifications, tools and technologies for rapid intervention deployment and firefighter survival.

Jeff's guests include: Lt. Steve Bernocco, Seattle; Chief Scott Ferguson, Santa Monica, CA; Battalion Chief Phil Jose, Seattle; Battalion Chief Steve Prziborowski, Santa Clara County, CA and District Chief John Sullivan, Worcester, MA.

The veteran firefighters talk about NFPA 1407, the command and control of Mayday situations and how to measure your department's rapid intervention capabilities. They discuss the minimums for: staffing and equipment, training on-scene preparations.

Listen as they discuss the whether to change radio channels, how many firefighter should be on the crew and why it's dangerous to deploy crew members on other tasks while they are standing by.

Each panelist shares their department's rapid intervention protocols and response policies. Some share stories of past Mayday incidents that required their teams to be deployed.

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This podcast was recorded at Firehouse World in San Diego.