Fire Marshal's Corner: California Smoke Alarm Research & Vision 20/20 Update

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This month on Fire Marshal's Corner, Ed Comeau talks has the opportunity to speak with Vision 20/20 Project Manager Jim Crawford and Acting California State Fire Marshal Tonya Hoover.

Fire Marshal Hoover talks about the task force she has formed to look into the contentious issue of photoelectric smoke alarms versus ionization. This is an issue that a number of communities are grappling with right now and several have passed ordinances specifying a particular type of technology. The goal of this task force is to look at the body of literature, testing and research and attempt to reach a resolution on this complex issue.

Vision 20/20 is a project funded by a DHS Fire Prevention and Safety Grant and is focused on developing a strategic plan to address the gaps in fire prevention across the country. Since its inception in 2006, quite a bit of activity has been done and Crawford brings us up to date on the latest happenings.

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