The Buzz on Technical Rescue: Los Angeles County's Water Rescue Program

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Host Bob Duemmel talks with Mike Layhee about the Los Angeles County Fire Department's water rescue program.

The department responds to a diverse aarray of water incidents. From ocean rescue and swift water to dry river rescue in the mountains, this podcast details the different responses that firefighters are alerted for.

The two discuss land, water and air based responses and training and with an emphasis on personnel safety and the right equipment.

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Note: Host Bob Duemmel will be recording two live editions of "The Buzz on Technical Rescue" at Firehouse World in San Diego. Both will take place on Feb. 28. Join Bob and his guests for a roundtable on trench rescue at 8:30 a.m. At 1:45, Bob will talk with several Southern California responders about the lessons they learned at recent incidents. Learn more at