Preparing for Tomorrow's RIT Deployment Today

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Deputy Chief Jeffrey Pindelski talks with several firefighters about Rapid Intervention in today's fire service. The group discusses training, Mayday command tactics and rapid intervention dispatch and assignment policies.

Joining Chief Pindelski are:

  • Firefighter Kelby Childers, Tualatin Valley, OR
  • Lt. Michael Daley, Monroe Township, NJ
  • Battalion Chief John Hardy, Downers Grove, IL
  • Capt. Larry Manasco, Fort Worth, TX

The panelists share their department's rapid intervention policies and training methods. Hear how each agency assigns RIT units, assigns command for Mayday incidents and the impact of the new NFPA 1407 standard. Each guest shares their key RIT size-up points and equipment cache for RIT deployments.

They also answer attendee questions on whether RIT crews can leave their post to help in suppression and the impact on swapping out crews and replacing the RIT with new crews.

Capt. Manasco shares his experiences when he, and six other firefighters were caught in a roof collapse at a recent fire. Listen as he shares the lessons from his Mayday incident.

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This podcast was recorded at Firehouse Expo in July.