The Apparatus Architects: 2010 Manufacturers Roundtable at Firehouse Expo

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Apparatus Architects Tom Shand and Michael Wilbur held the fourth annual Apparatus Manufacturers Roundtable at the Firehouse Expo in Baltimore. This allows a unique opportunity for manufacturers to sit down and talk about the state of the industry with Firehouse Expo attendees who seek advice on apparatus purchasing and design issues.

Panelists on this podcast include:

• Jim Salmi from Crimson

• Jason Witmier from KME
• Mike Moore from Pierce
• Sean Duffy from Rosenbauer
• Ken Creese from Sutphen

Listen as the manufacturers discuss the advances and improvements for multi-purpose apparatus, such as quints and rescue pumpers, which are becoming more common purchases than ever before. The panel also shares their views on the new technology coming up on the horizon to improve responder safety.

The panel explores the impact service problems with the EPA 2010 compliant engines and also shares how the economy is impacting the fire apparatus industry.

The group also answers attendee questions on lease programs and group purchashing options.

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This podcast was recorded at Firehouse Expo in July.