The Buzz on Technical Rescue: Special Operations Roundtable

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Host Bob Duemmel hosted a roundtable podcast at Firehouse Expo in July with a variety of technical rescue team members. Bob's guest's include: FDNY Lt. Mickey Conboy, Elizabeth, NJ, Firefighter Michael Donahue, retired FDNY Battalion Chief Fred LaFemina and retired FDNY Captain Tony Tricarico.

The group examines the impact of significant technical rescue events over the last year on the industry. They discuss how national media has helped bring attention to USAR and other teams and how it helps when it comes to justifying the teams. It opens a discussion on the impact of the economy on members of technical rescue teams.

Listen as these veteran panelists weigh in on training at the everyday level and advanced levels based needs. They share their thoughts on the trend of developing and supporting technical rescue teams with the mentality of "doing more with less."

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This podcast was recorded at Firehouse Expo in July.