Remembering Chief Ray Downey

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As we start off the new year and look ahead-it's important to look back as well... to remember where we have been, and determine where we are going.

Whenever many of us look back in the "fire" business, we can't help but remember one of the FINEST Chiefs ever, Deputy Chief Ray Downey from FDNY. Affectionately referred to as "The Master of Disaster" and "God," Ray, who was the creator and Commanding Officer of FDNY's Special Operations Command (SOC), was tragically murdered on 9/11/01. Chief Downey's loss along with the other 342 firefighters of the FDNY have left a heartfelt gap that will never be filled, but time does and has moved on.

Listen as the Downey brothers share their thoughts and feelings about their wonderful Father and what he would say to those of you who didn't know him, providing the kind of advise that he would give to his firefighters. Join in as the Downey Brothers share what they think today's firefighters should do-and can do to be the kind of firefighters that would have made Ray proud. It's a rare and intimate opportunity for all of us to become better firefighters by "getting to know Chief Ray Downey" through his son's, Joe and Chuck.

Join Radio@Firehouse.Com Through The Smoke Host Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder for an informative yet informal discussion of interest to ALL firefighters with the Son's of the late, Chief Downey: FDNY Battalion Chief's Joe and Chuck Downey.

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