Success or Failure: The Volunteer Fire Department

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A Focus on the Mission ... And why some succeed, and some fail

There is currently a lot of discussion nationally regarding volunteer fire departments. Just recently, USA Today ran a front page story on the subject of VFD membership and respons, and in NY, on Long Island, the newspaper Newsday is running a week long in-depth series about the VFD's on Long Island.

Volunteer FD's. Some are very successful and provide good SERVICE to those who dial
9-1-1 ... and others simply do not. Generally, the BOTTOM LINE is staffing, timely response, training, leadership amongst other serious challenges. After all, saving money with a VFD may be good but if the VFD has poor response times, poor turnout, little or inadequate training or poor leadership -- all issues facing some volunteer FD's (and some non-volunteer FD's as well), the money savings is B.S. The community "feels" like they are protected ... but are they? The true answers are always known by those who carry the fire pagers.

Join Radio@Firehouse.Com's Through The Smoke radio program with host Billy Goldfeder and his guests this week: Former Chief, Dr. Bill Jenaway, a nationally-recognized authority on the volunteer fire service, Chief Randy O'Donnell of West End Fire & Rescue in Shippensburg, PA and Former Chief Crawford Wiestling, President of Investigative Loss Control, Inc., in Minneapolis, MN, for an intimate discussion on why some volunteer fire departments succeed ... and why some fail.

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