A National FIRE Mutal Aid System

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Is it time for A NATIONAL FIRE MUTUAL AID SYSTEM ? A "simple and basic" system lead and coordinated by the International Association of Fire Chiefs in full cooperation with the national fire service organizations-and LOCAL fire departments?

This isn't a new question. The concept has been discussed for decades in the fire service-and the need has been proven again and again ... and now again, recently.

It is time for a national fire mutual aid system ... and the Feds can support it and assist...since that is what the Government is supposed to do.

Maybe an expanded version of known existing state or regional fire mutual aid systems are the answer? Many areas of the USA have very successful and non-bureaucratic yet highly affective and organized FIRE mutual aid systems. There also are some areas of the USA that do not have effective and organized mutual aid systems.

So How Would This Work? Could This Work? What Are The Options for a NATIONAL FIRE MUTUAL AID SYSTEM?

Join "Through The Smoke" host Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder with his guests Chief Bill Killen -- President of the Int'l Association of Fire Chiefs, Northbrook, Ill. Chief Jay Reardon & President of the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System -- one of the nations LARGEST and MOST SUCCESSFUL fire mutual aid systems and Exec. Director Garry Briese of the Int'l Association of Fire Chiefs as they discuss the ideas moving toward the development of a NATIONAL FIRE MUTUAL AID SYSTEM!

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