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Join "Through The Smoke" host, Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder for an in-depth and deeply personal discussion with three people who share a very emotional bond -- Lee Ielpi, Lynn Tierney and Marian Fontana. And find out how you can help and become involved to insure the Nation ... and the World -- NEVER FORGET!

On 9-11 Lee Ielpi, one of FDNY's most decorated firefighters, a retired Brooklyn Rescue 2 veteran, lost his Son Jonathan, of FDNY Squad 288. From the moment of the cowardly attacks and murders of all those lost, and with his Son Jonathan his # 1 focus-Lee has dedicated his life to truly making sure we NEVER FORGET.

With Lee is former Deputy Fire Commissioner Lynn Tierney. On September 11th, Lynn responded to the World Trade Center. She and her aide, FDNY Firefighter Paul Iannizzotto, later narrowly escaped injury during the collapse of tower two by diving into a loading dock in Seven World Trade, which later collapsed. Lynn served as an integral part of the recovery effort of FDNY, having major responsibility for the families of the 343 members the Department lost.

Joining Lynn and Lee is our third guest, Marian Fontana. Marian married her husband Dave on September 11, 1993, and they were supposed to spend their eighth wedding anniversary toddling hand-in-hand through the Whitney Museum. She awaited him that morning to meet her from the firehouse, but Dave never showed up; he died at Ground Zero. Marian, after losing her husband Squad 1 Firefighter Dave Fontana, came to the fore front as the public voice for the families of the victims. As President of the 9-11 Widows' and Victims' Families Association, Fontana spends much of her time bringing victims' families together and making the public aware of issues that concerned the relatives, such as the victim compensation fund and the redevelopment of the World Trade Center site. Marian is the author of the brand new book A Widow's Walk-A Memoir of 9/11. Marian is in the current issue of Vanity Fair Magazine (Jennifer Aniston on the cover) where her book is excerpted. A Widows Walk-A Memoir of 9/11 will be available next week in all major bookstores.

The following are links discussed in the show:
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Note: This show was recorded just prior to Hurricane Katrina, and was delayed in posted due to the extensive coverage of that disaster.

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