The Buzz on Technical Rescue: First Responders and Confined Space Entry

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After a series of incidents where firefighters were seriously injured upon entering hazardous atmospheres at confined space incidents, this edition of The Buzz on Technical Rescue focuses on safety for first-due companies.

Host Bob Duemmel talks with retired Captain Pete Rizzo, who is president of Tech Rescue Corp.

The two discuss a wide variety of concerns that all responders consider before attempting a rescue, especially at confined space incidents. Whether it's the air quality, level of toxic fumes/gases or one of the other two dozen pre-entry concerns, this podcast is a valuable resource for all firefighters.

Rizzo reaffirms his concerns when it comes to engine and ladders companies involved with high risk/low response technical rescue incidents and the overall dangers that crews face. Download a series of checklists from Tech Rescue Corp. below.

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See Bob Duemmel and Pete Rizzo Live: Bob will be hosting two live recordings of "The Buzz on Technical Rescue" at Firehouse Expo in Baltimore on July 22 and 23. Bob will also be available at the Firehouse Experts Desk on July 22.  Pete will be instructing "Clandestine Lab Responses – Awareness and Safety" on July 24.

Confined Space Entry Sheets (PDF)