Training & Tactics Talk: Over the Wall - NASCAR and Firefighting

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The crew of any NASCAR pit stop can change four tires, put in two cans of fuel, add or remove a wedge, peel a layer of laminate from the windshield, clean the grill and be done, getting the car out of the pits in under 15 seconds easily. Talk about proficiency and everyone doing their jobs at peak performance!

In this edition of Training and Tactics Talk, host Chief Douglas K. Cline talks with International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI) Second Vice President Christopher Naum and Fire Departments Safety Officer's Board Member, Deputy Chief Jeff Pendelski about the NASCAR "Over the Wall" concepts in the fire service.

You will not want to miss these fire service leaders talking about the ways to enhance training and efficiency on the fireground while maintaining the paramount focus on firefighter safety. Let's see if we can breach two doors, search two rooms and ventilate the area all in efficient time frames. Not sure if you're up to speed? Tune in to find out more.