The Apparatus Architects: Innovations and Finds at FDIC

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The Apparatus Architects focus on the new apparatus and innovations found at FDIC in April.

The main focus of the show included several "Green" fire apparatus. From new ARFF vehicles to pumper and ladder truck innovations, Tom Shand and Michael Wilbur talk about the details of a wide-variety of new and updated rigs found at the show. 

Mike and Tom review two apparatus crash reports that came out in recent weeks. The Boston ladder truck crash claimed the life of Lt. Kevin Kelley and the Houston crash took the life of a bicylicts. 

Listen as they discuss some of the issues that emergency vehicles face based on the updated engine emissions standards. 

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Note: Tom Shand and Michael Wilbur will be presenting education sessions at Firehouse Expo in July, including a track of programs dedicated for emergency vehicle mechanics.