2010 AFG Grants: Past Winners Share their Tips for Success

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Public safety grant writer Brian Vickers talks with two fire chiefs who have been successful in receiving a wide array of Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) funding and SAFER grants.

Mariposa County, CA, Fire Chief Jim Wilson details the nine grants that his department received over the last three years. Using a regional approach, the department placeĀ a live fire training trailer in service to help build his department's skills, because of the long distance to a fire academy. Listen as Wilson shares how they received other equipment and doubled the department's staffing in a short period of time using SAFER funds.

Chief Ron Smith, from Campbell County, WY, was awarded grants to upgrade portable and mobile radio equipment in his 5,000-square mile county. They've also purchased new SCBA with rapid intervention connections and the new technology helps meet the needs of their high hazard responses areas.

If your department has not yet applied for an AFG grant, listen to Part 1 of this podcast and past success stories. These two chiefs reaffirm the message that the money is there, and that you just need to have your materials prepared to apply for it.