2010 AFG Grants: Federal Funds to Increase a Department's Capabilities

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Firehouse.com talks with Brian Vickers, a public safety grant writer and CEO of a consulting company, about the 2010 Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) program that opened this week. The federal funding program, which closes May 28, will provide $390 million to departments whose needs are deemed necessary by peer review.

Vickers reviews the changes to the 2010 AFG program, including new priorities to station modifications, improvements to training requirements and more.

Before you complete your application, make sure you listen to this podcast. Through his work, Vickers and his company has helped departments secure over $250 million in funding.

Look for the second part of this two-part series next week, as Vickers talks with several departments who have increased their department's response capabilites after winning AFG funds.