The Buzz on Technical Rescue: L.A. County Air Operations

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Host Bob Duemmel talks with L.A. County Air Ops Training Cadre Hank Reimer about the variety of responses that the department's three fully-staffed helicopters can respond to around the clock.

Reimer shares a number of the missions that the air ops section can responded to and it is broken into four categories: support, EMS, fire suppression and technical rescue.

This podcast focuses on the large number of technical rescue incidents that L.A. County are dispatched to. Air crews can often effect rescues before ground crews arrive at the scene. They explore the myriad of night responses, including hoisting operations and how technology has been assist these crews. Reimer talks about the different type of water rescue incidents as well.

They discuss the cache of gear that the helicopters carry for the multitude of responses and how air and ground crew communicate and coordinate to mitigate an incident.

This podcast was recorded at Firehouse World in March.

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