The Apparatus Architects: Wildland Rig Manufacturers Roundtable

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Apparatus Architects Tom Shand and Michael Wilbur held a roundtable discussion with several wildland firefighting vehicle manufacturers at the Firehouse World last month in San Diego.

Panelists include: Jeff Ramey from Boise Mobile Equipment (BME), Rich Demski and Mike Swietzer from Pierce, Doug Feldman from Rosenbauer America and Wayne Kindred from West-Mark Fire Apparatus.

Listen as the manufacturers talk about the wide range of wildland apparatus and the different markets between municipal, military and special agency units.

The panel explores the impact of the current economy on new vehicles being built and also the 2010 EPA emissions changes. They also talk about the different components that create a comprehensive wildland wildland rig.

This podcast was recorded at Firehouse World in March.

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