The Leader's Toolbox: Keys to Passing the Promotional Exam

March 22nd, 2010

Steve Prziborowski and Rich Gasaway discuss what keeps candidates from making it to the next step.

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The Leader's Toolbox host Dr. Richard B. Gasaway talks with Battalion Chief Steve Prziborowski talks about promotional exams.

The two look at the best methods to prepare for promotional exams and interviews as a firefighter looks to move up the career ladder. Chief Prziborowski shares a number of common factors that keep candidates from making it to the next step and also offers insight on the grading process.

Chief Prziborowski discusses the best means to ace the emergency simulations section of the exam. He offers advice to help candidates better prepare, despite the decrease in the number of fires where a student can learn the ropes.


Richard Gasaway

Richard Gasaway

RICHARD B. GASAWAY, Ph.D. , has served...

Steve Prziborowski

Steve Prziborowski

Steve Prziborowski has over 20 years...