The Buzz on Technical Rescue: Cliff Rescue and California's Rope Rescue Training Foundation

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Host Bob Duemmel talks with three Southern California area firefighters about a recent cliff rescue at the Cabrillo National Monument and rescue training throughout the state.

Federal Fire Captain John Bates, National City Fire Captain Sherman Peters and San Diego Firefighter Kyle Oneill share their experiences related to this incident where a vehicle dropped 400 feet over a cliff. The panelists give a scene size-up and detail the multi-agency response that required land units and a helicopter to remove the two men. They address the low angle and cliff rescue issues, such a rigging and anchor points.

The group also looks into the State of California's Rescue Systems 1 course which provides the foundation for emergency response members to train for the challenges they face at various technical rescue incidents.

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This podcast was recorded at Firehouse World in San Diego.