VCOS Radio: Roundtable on Fire-based EMS, Mutual Aid and Budgets

Download this Podcast » Editor Peter Matthews hosts a roundtable with three fire chiefs, looking at a number of issues facing the fire service.

Guests include Battalion Chief Norvin Collins from Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue in Oregon, Chief Jim Harrington from the Gates, NY, Fire District and Chief Chief Greg Render from Signal Hill Fire Department in Belleville, IL.

The chiefs discuss the impact of the economy on their departments and how they have been able to continue providing service, despite the cuts. They discuss their recruitment and budget efforts.

Budget cuts are just one reason that departments are creating automatic aid or mutual aid policies and these veteran fire officers discuss efforts to increase the response levels and staffing. One key to a successful aid program is making sure the efforts are mutually beneficial and that cross-training takes place for a smoother operation.

The idea of fire-based EMS was a major topic at the recent VCOS Symposium in the Sun and the chiefs share their EMS roles and how it’s affecting their departments.

Note: This podcast was recorded at the VCOS Symposium in the Sun in November.

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