The Leader's Toolbox: Making Sure that Everyone Goes Home

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In this episode of the Leader's Toolbox, host Dr. Richard B. Gasaway focuses on the Everyone Goes Home initiative and the Courage To Be Safe program.

Chief Gasaway interviews Ron Dennis, executive director of the Arizona Fire Chiefs Association and the training liaison for the Everyone Goes Home initiative. He also talks with Billy Hayes, director of community affairs for the Washington, DC, Fire Department and the advocate manager for the initiative.

The podcast addresses how Everyone Goes Home and the Courage to be Safe programs started, how the message is delivered and the guests share a number of training resources that are available for fire departments. Dennis and Hayes discuss the challenges to changing a safety culture and tell of the successful impact that the program has had thus far.

Note: The Everyone Goes Home 2010 Safety Summit takes place March 5 - 7 in Maryland. Please follow the links below for more information.

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