Successful Rescue Operations in Today’s Fire Service at Firehouse Expo

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This podcast looks at issues facing technical rescue teams on an international level including training, funding and resource allocation.

Panelists include: Lt. Michael Daley, Monroe Township Fire District 3; Pete Rizzo of Tech Rescue Corp and Garth Vincent, chief of emergency operations with Eastern Emergency Response in Trinidad. The host is Capt. Bob Duemmel with the Rochester, NY, Fire Department.

The panel looks at breaking down the silos for a more regional approach to serving the public when the call comes for an incident. They discuss the importance of obtaining and maintaining technical rescue tools and gear.

The panel also will look at the impact of the economy on training and procuring equipment. They will share a variety of best practices for training.

Tune in to hear each talk about their specific priorities.

This podcast was recorded at Firehouse Expo in July.

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