Training & Tactics Talk: How the Powell Doctrine can Influence Firefighting

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Joining Chief Douglas Cline this month is Derrick Clouston, field supervisor of the fire and rescue training division of the North Carolina Office of State Fire Marshal’s Office. They discuss the Powell Doctrine, created by General Colin Powell as he lead military troops into the Gulf War.

Derrick brings more than 25 years of experience to the table and has been instrumental in the development of programs within North Carolina which are being used to focus a well-disciplined approach to tactical considerations as they correlate to military strategies.

Powell created four strategic considerations:

  • Committing troops must be an absolute necessity
  • There must be a compelling risk posed by not acting
  • Overwhelming resources must be applied
  • A clear exit strategy must be in place

This podcast explores how the fire service can focus on the tactics and training, based on the current issues as staffing is reduced rural and metro departments struggle to do more with less.