The Apparatus Architects: Fleet Planning and Ground Ladders at Firehouse Expo

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Hosts Tom Shand and Michael Wilbur start this month’s podcast with a heated discussion on the Buffalo, NY, Fire Department’s use of pick-up trucks being as front line apparatus because of an aging fleet and lack of spare units. This chat looks at other departments who are in a pinch when it comes to spare units.

They also review a recent incident where two firefighters were killed in the line-of-duty while training with a new apparatus.

The Apparatus Architects explore fleet planning programs and include the controversial NFPA 2010 engine standard and how that plays into future purchases.

They answer a listener’s question about the proper use of hosebed covers. The Architects also offer assistance on vehicle stripping and an issue related to a firefighter’s health and it’s affect on apparatus response safety.

Michael Wilbur looks at designing ladder company apparatus while incorporating the correct compliment of ground ladders for your individual district. Listen as he describes the dire need for ground ladders based on tight building construction.

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