The Leader's Toolbox: Addressing the Concerns of a Sick Crew Member

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Dr. Richard Gasaway offers advice to a firefighter who's worried about their safety because of a member of their department whose health has been deteriorating, yet actively responding to calls. The member has uncontrolled diabetes and has had several toes amputated and often needs to be treated at incident scenes for low blood sugar. Listen as Dr. Gasaway answers the firefighter's worries when he asks: "Am I right to be concerned for my safety because his ability to perform is unpredictable?"

Dr. Gasaway also dispenses some assistance to a veteran assistant chief who started a new career with a new department and is concerned about being called "chief" by his new co-workers. The new chief is concerned that the practice is too formal and Gasaway talks about the benefits of being addressed by name and title.

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You can see Dr. Gasaway present live at Firehouse Expo, July 21 - 26 in Baltimore.

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