Working as a Successful Truck Company from Firehouse World

Download this Podcast » Editor Peter Matthews sat down with several truck company veterans to talk about their operations on the West Coast.

Guests include Division Chief Ed Hadfield from the Coronado, CA, Fire Department; Captain Wes Kitchel of the Santa Rosa, CA, Fire Department; Captain Andy Mejia from the Encinitas, CA, Fire Department and Lt. Todd Werner from Seattle. They are all members of Firetown Training Specialist, a group dedicated to educating firefighters and fire officers across the country.

The panelists discuss the main duties of the first-due truck company at structures fires and why it is important to complete all of the tasks. They weigh in on the importance of training on the basic and advanced skills and share what really makes a successful truck company, both on the street and in the station.

Note: This podcast was recorded at Firehouse World in February.

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