The Apparatus Architects: Program Pumpers, Fire Truck Collisions and American LaFrance

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This edition of The Apparatus Architects is packed with industry news, including the latest on American LaFrance. The hosts expand their April Firehouse Magazine column on program fire apparatus designs and a host of accidents.

Hosts Tom Shand and Michael Wilbur talk about the recent news from American LaFrance, who announced that they were closing two of their plants. Listen as the two discuss some solid advice for departments who are working with American LaFrance to acquire new units.

The Architects expand on their April Firehouse Magazine column, "The Apparatus Architect Part 40 - Program Fire Apparatus Designs," and talk about the advantages of the units. See why these units save money, time and headaches, compared to custom units.

Shand and Wilbur also talk about a variety recent fire apparatus crashes, including several that involved two fire apparatus, and one small department that had two crashes in 24 hours.

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