Through the Smoke: Parting Words from FEMA Director Dave Paulison - Part 2

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In this episode of Through the Smoke, Chief Billy Goldfeder talks to Chief Dave Paulison, our FEMA Director who is getting ready to retire from his post. Clearly, there have been many emergency situations under President Bush's administration and initially, FEMA had many noted leadership issues and problems. Those problems very much came to light when Hurricane Katrina struck....and following that, The President made the right decision to appoint a firefighter to the position of FEMA director and that is Chief Dave Paulison.

Join Chief Billy Goldfeder and Administrator Dave Paulison in Part 1 of their discussions about FEMA, the fire service, "the next potential disaster", what has gone right under his command of FEMA and what could have gone better, as well as thoughts related to what President Elect Obama has already done related to understanding the "emergency" needs of our country and much, much more.

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