Through the Smoke: The New Fire Chief in Charleston

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So much has happened since the tragic loss of nine brave firefighters in Charleston, SC. There have been changes on a national level and most critically, locally within Charleston. One of the most significant changes was the retirement of theFire Chief Rusty Thomas leaving open the very critical "head coach" position within the Charleston Fire Department (CFD).

Clearly after the loss of the "Charleston 9", the one common denominator that is required to lead the CFD forward is a new head coach, in other words, a new fire chief. And after an in-depth process, the selection by Mayor Joe Riley and the city council has been made and the new Charleston Fire Chief is Chief Tom Carr, currently the chief of Montgomery County, MD, Fire and Rescue and perhaps, the perfect head coach for the job.

Join Through the Smoke host Chief Billy Goldfeder for an in-depth discussion with Chief Carr and learn about his past accomplishments, his goals, his plans and his feelings related to the future of the Charleston Fire Department as their new "head coach."

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