Through the Smoke: Firefighters and Hot Blogs from Firehoue Expo

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Chief Billy Goldfeder talks with the men behind two of the hottest blog sites in the fire service world.

The blogs are STATter911 and Firegeezer. Be it the latest fire news, fire controversy or fire opinion, these two bloggers usually have it well covered.

But who are the people behind these two blogs and what got them started? What is their history and background with the fire service and why have they poked at those who may need poking and what keeps them going?

Join Through the Smoke host Billy Goldfeder along with Bill "Fire Geezer" Shrumm and Dave "Statter911" Statter for a lively and frank discussion related to their blogs - and what the some of the recent controversial issues are, according to them.

Note: This podcast was recorded in front of a live studio audience at Firehouse Expo.

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