The Apparatus Architects: Budget Concerns and Inspection Trips

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This month's edition of the Apparatus Architects looks at the important role of the in-process and final inspections. While some city hall workers believe these trips are not justifiable, skipping these vital visits can be costly. They often wind up saving money in the long run. Better to catch the changes mid-stream than wait until the piece is delivered.

With the ever-present budget crisis hitting departments and the rising costs of equipment for manufacturers, the Apparatus Architects speculate on the future of the custom cab and chassis. Find out their predictions on the future of custom apparatus. Will apparatus be standard across the country?

The Apparatus Architects offer advice to help on future cost avoidance because of the upcoming NFPA 1901 Standard changes, including stowing away more tools and equipment. Also, tune in to find out why Caterpillar and Detroit Diesel will be leaving the fire apparatus industry in 2010.

The show wraps up with a myriad of issues including the best choice of warning lights and the need for a firefighter to be stationed at the turntable during an incident.

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See the Apparatus Architects Live
The Apparatus Architects, Tom Shand and Michael Wilbur, will host a live podcast during the upcoming in July. After kicking some tires on the exhibit floor, stop by the classroom on Saturday, July 27 to ask the experts about your upcoming purchases. Shand and Wilbur will be presenting "Design Considerations for Heavy Rescue and Squad Apparatus" and "First Due Operations with the Engine and Truck" during the classroom lectures.

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