The Leader's Toolbox: The Fire Chief vs. City Hall

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It's that time of year -- festivals, car shows, sports events and community activities are in full swing. And, they want you!

How do you accommodate them, and make the most of the event for your department? Will the crews be available for calls or will they be committed to the community events?

Join Chief Richard B. Gasaway for his tips on turning the standby into a public education and recruitment event.

Also, listen to what he has to say to a Pennsylvania chief whose feet are being held to the fire because of a volunteer shortage. Some novel recruitment and retention ideas will be tossed around. It's your department's future. Tuning in just could save it!

See Chief Richard B. Gasaway Live! Chief Gasaway will be presenting 50 Ways to Kill Your Brother: Understanding Fireground Command Decision Making Under Stress on Wednesday, July 23 at the Firehouse Expo in Baltimore.

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