Campus Firewatch Radio: The College Fire Survival Program

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This month on Campus Firewatch Radio, host Ed Comeau talks about the new campus fire safety training program that was just launched by the People's Burn Foundation: "To Hell and Back: College Fire Survival."

This program was developed under a DHS Fire Prevention and Safety Grant and was just launched in April and is going to be shipped, free of charge, to every fire department, college and university in the country starting in mid-May. To Hell and Back: College Fire Survival is a video-based training tool developed by a team of subject matter experts from across the nation to provide campus fire safety educators with a much-needed tool to use in delivering training to students.

Joining host Ed Comeau is a panel of experts that were involved in the development and review of To Hell and Back: College Fire Survival:

  • Shawn Longerich, director of the People's Burn Foundation
  • Kevin Ply, fire chief, Purdue University
  • Dan Jones, fire chief, Chapel Hill Fire Department
  • Gail Minger, director, Michael H. Minger Foundation

This program also covers another new program just launched called the Campus Firewatch Media Project. Jointly sponsored by Campus Firewatch, the People's Burn Foundation and the Michael H. Minger Foundation, this project will provide students with the opportunity to write about campus fire safety and submit their articles for publication in the national newsletter, Campus Firewatch. Each month a new article will be selected by a panel of judges and the student will receive a stipend of $500. More information, including rules and guidelines, can be found on the Campus Firewatch Media Project page.

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