Apparatus Architects: Updating Rigs for Limited Staffing & Finding Funds

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Hosts Tom Shand and Michael Wilbur recorded this podcast at Firehouse World where they received much fodder to develop this edition of the Apparatus Architects.

In discussions with firefighters from around the country they learned about the common theme of limited staffing. So they decided to review several ideas to help fire departments update or upgrade their apparatus to deal with the reduction. Learn how you can adapt your emergency vehicles.

The Apparatus Architects also examine ideas for fleet replacement programs based on budget cuts. Listen as they share solid ideas to help secure the capitol expenditures based on their experiences from around the country.

Wilbur details several recent apparatus crashes, including a Virginia firefighter killed in a tanker crash. In Indiana, a truck crashed into a utility pole and claimed a 18-year-old firefighter as they wrap up the show.