The Buzz on Technical Rescue: Technical and Tactical Tips for Tower Rescue

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Host Bob Duemmel and Kent Freeman, owner of Californian Health and Rescue Training, discuss emrgency responses to various types of towers.

Freeman, who recently retired as a captain with the City of Roseville, CA Fire Department, shares valuable safety and operational tips for working in and around these unique structures.

Listen as he shares how to identify hazards, tower designs, pros-and-cons of ground- and tower-based rescues and more. Freemans details ways that fire departments can adapt current equipment caches for these calls, and the various specialized pieces of equipment are also explained.

  • See Bob Duemmel Live! Bob Duemmel and Dr. Jeremy Cushman will be presenting "Overturned Crane Challenges Responders," which further details this incident, at Firehouse Expo in Baltimore, July 17 - 21. Bob will also be presenting "The Latest In Specialized Rescue Tools" and "How To Submit To Firehouse" and hosting a live recording of The Buzz on Technical Rescue at the expo.

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