Lessons from Mayday Survivors Roundtable

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Firehouse Editor Peter Matthews talks with two Kevin Conant and Tom Rogan, who were involved in emergencies where firefighters became trapped by rapid fire spread an an explosion.

Conant, a battalion chief in San Jose, served as the incident commander of house fire that was brought under control. As crews were in the cooling down stage, an explosion occurred and ignited a fire that trapped several firefighters inside. 

Lt. Rogan, from Rochester, NY, was with his crews searching the inside of a home for children who were reportedly they crew was cut off by rapid fire sprading around them.

Two two shares their stories from these incidents and share what they have done as fire officers and fire service instructors to assure that their lessons are taught to others. Rogan said that the incident happened so quick and conditions were unbearable that he was unable to call a Mayday before he bailed out of the structure. Listen to hear what happened to the rest of his crew.

During the podcast, the two veteran firefighters share the importance of training, guidelines. They also discuss the role of personal protective equipment (PPE) in the outcome of firefighter injuries.