The Leader's Toolbox: Safety, Training and Confrontational Firefighters

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Dr. Richard B. Gasaway returns to the roots of this podcast series by taking questions from regular listeners of the podcast. This month's topics include tackling an issue where training drills have turned stale, discouraging members from attending. A writer says that his department's culture on safety is non-existent and another listener is concerned by a firefighter who is always looking for a fight.

A firefighter asks Gasaway about changing his department's stance on their "it's part of the job" mentality about firefighter safety and injuries. He offers the listener advice on how to capture information that can shape a positive change in their approach to injuries and overall firefighter safety.

Another question that he tackles is from a department that has lost their momentum when it comes to training. Gasaway shares tips on how to create effective and engaging training for firefighters. 

He wraps up the show discussing how one listener can deal with confrontational members of the station. The listener says that one member of the shift is always looking for a fight and Gasaway shares how podcast listeners can deescalate the hostile situations and create a better working and living environment.

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