The Leader's Toolbox: Telecommunicator Emergency Response Task Force

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Dr. Richard B. Gasaway talks with several guests from Tennesse about the telecommunicator emergency response task force (TERT) that ways developed to provide support at disasters.

Guests include Deputy Chief David Hodges from the Maryville Fire Department, Richee Kidd, from Blunt County 911, Rose Harvey from Loudon County 911 and Jennifer Estes, who serves as the state coordinator for the Tennessee TERT.

The task force not only responds to disaster incidents, but also structure fires and other law enforcement and EMS scenes where their resources are invaluable. 

The panel discusses their roles when responding to fire scenes and how they can assist the incident command with a number of tasks, including obtaining resources and monitoring radios.

Gasaway correlates the task force's actions into firefighter safety and situational awareness as they work with the incident commander. 

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