Apparatus Architects: State of the Industry & New Innovations

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They're back! Hosts and Apparatus Architects Tom Shand and Michael Wilbur discuss the state of the fire apparatus industry on their latest podcast.

Listen as they share the highs and lows of apparatus fire truck design and planning after walking the floor at FDIC this year. The two share what they found innovative.

They offer some updates on the closing of American LaFrance and what others in the industry are saying about fire truck builders. Listen as Wilbur details some recent fire apparatus crashes.

See them live! Tom Shand and Michael Wilbur will be co-presenting "Out of Shape and Overweight -- How to Size Up Your Apparatus Fleet?" and "Initial Response Apparatus-What Size Vehicle is Right for Your Department?" during Firehouse Expo, July 15-19, in Baltimore. Wilbur will also be presenting "What Have We Learned: Top 10 Emergency Vehicle Accidents of the Past Decade."