Apparatus Architects: 5 Apparatus Specing Mistakes

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Apparatus Architects Tom Shand and Michael Wilbur review that they have found as the top five mistakes that fire departments make when they begin designing and specifying their next fire apparatus. 

From determining the mission of the rig to the size of the apparatus committee, these veteran apparatus planners offer advice to prevent mistakes that other departments have been through. Another problem they have seen is when fire department's order an apparatus similar to their neighboring department's spec when it does not meet your needs.

Listen as they discuss the equipment needs list and the department's need to look to the future as they prepare for this big purchase.

See them live! Tom Shand and Michael Wilbur will be co-presenting "Out of Shape and Overweight -- How to Size Up Your Apparatus Fleet?" and "Initial Response Apparatus-What Size Vehicle is Right for Your Department?" during Firehouse Expo, July 15-19, in Baltimore. Wilbur will also be presenting "What Have We Learned: Top 10 Emergency Vehicle Accidents of the Past Decade."