Digital Sandbox Launches Pre-Incident Fire Response Planning Application


McLean, VA — Digital Sandbox, the premier source of risk management software products and services for the public safety community, today announced the first in a series of SaaS based packaged applications aimed at providing high quality yet cost effective solutions. The first packaged application is for Pre-Incident Fire Planning and will allow Fire Departments to manage their Pre-Incident Fire plans using a highly intuitive wizard driven web application

Doing more with less is important across many public safety organizations, and is especially true today for Fire Departments. Digital Sandbox addresses this need with Pre-Incident Fire Planner application, which delivers multiple advantages:

  •Online management of pre-fire plans streamlines existing processes, makes it easy to add information as needed and enables easy deployment to small and large community of users.

  •Is available ready to be integrated with existing systems including CAD systems, AVL, Fire and other public safety information feeds.

  •Provides one click printing of formatted pre-fire plans for onboard storage on fire trucks and response vehicles.

  •Requires no hardware purchase or complex software installation. The system is ready to be used from day 1.

Digital Sandbox Packaged Applications are fully configured public safety applications that are ready to be immediately deployed. Each application is fully self-contained and includes powerful, yet highly intuitive web and mobile interfaces that require minimal training and handholding. All applications are a result of Digital Sandbox’s industry leading experience in supporting public safety planning and operations at all levels from the National to local levels and incorporate industry guidelines, standards and best practices.

Digital Sandbox provides analytic tools and information products to government agencies and large enterprises, enabling them to optimize their strategic, policy, and budgetary decisions for risk-based resource allocation. Since 1998, Digital Sandbox’s analytic risk management solutions have helped customers in the public safety, corporate, and homeland security fields lower their risk exposure, increase the impact of their risk management budgets, and maximize the effectiveness of their resources. Visit Digital Sandbox on the Web at