New Zistos Wireless Video Link Allows Disaster Scene Monitoring with iPad, iPhone

Holbrook, NY: Zistos Corporation, well-known for their portable video systems is rolling out a new, very cost-effective system to instantly stream real-time video to a P.C., iPhone®, iPad® — even an iTouch®.

The Universal WiFi Link (UWL) is a wireless network device that can be used in a standalone mode with a camera or it can be used in conjunction with any existing Zistos video based victim location tool. It allows critical video images to be shared by other individuals on scene, a command vehicle or to another remote site. The design objective of the UWL was to provide a tool that would increase situational awareness amongst rescue personnel at a lower cost per system.

Optional accessories exist that allow the UWL to attach to supplemental battery powered remote area lighting systems. The UWL is essential for rescue missions, disaster scene management, and other emergency events. Up to four UWL’s can be used to monitor four different areas at the scene. Video recording can be facilitated using a P.C. running available software.

The UWL is an affordable, self-contained video solution; powered with swappable rechargeable batteries and packed in a rugged, weatherproof case. It is fully compatible with the complete line of Zistos products making it a very versatile tool.