Hurst Announces New R 411E Ram

R 411E - Ram

While the R 411E is extremely compact, it offers enough strength to pack a powerful punch. The first ram without hoses, the R 411E has the ability to operate with a cord or without. The claws at the two ends can be rotated 360 degrees, enabling rescuers to apply the ram effectively in almost any precarious situation. The R 411E features an amazing extended length of 47.2 in. with the extension accessory.


Piston Stroke 14.2 in. / 361 mm

Lifting Force 23,154 lbs. / 103 kN

Retracted Length 21.3 in. / 542 mm

Extended Length 35.6 in. / 904 mm

Extended Length w/Extension 47.2 in. / 1200 mm

Dimensions l x w x h 21.4 x 5.9 x 10.4 in. / 542 x 150 x 265 mm

Weight* 37.2 lbs. / 16.9 kg *without cable plug or battery

Certification (planned) in relation to EN 13204; NFPA 1936