Stainless Steel Spinning Teeth offered on Midmatic and Metro Nozzles

VALPARAISO – Task Force Tips best-selling MidMatic and Metro Nozzles are now offering stainless steel spinning teeth protective fog patterns that you can count on . . . really!

“This was a direct response to customers’ requests,” said Rod Carringer, TFT vice president of sales and marketing. “Although we were already offering our patented fixed fog tooth design on these models, the stainless steel spinning teeth design offers yet another choice – a wide fog pattern with a hollow central core, as opposed to the fixed tooth’s fully filled pattern. What it comes down to is a matter of preference.”

Since the late eighties, TFT has used stainless steel for the manufacture of its spinning teeth. “This was done specifically to prevent the pattern degradation caused by the bent, broken, or missing plastic teeth that we’ve seen in the marketplace for years,” Carringer explained.

“The simple truth is that when spinning teeth are missing, they don’t spin,” Carringer continued. “The potential for direct flame and heat impingement on the firefighting crew is there, and could compromise fire ground operations. NFPA (1962) standards specifically state that nozzles with broken teeth should be immediately repaired or replaced. We didn’t write those standards, but at TFT, we design our equipment to meet or surpass them.”

The Midmatic -- a key member of TFT’s mid range automatic nozzle line – can be ordered with either the stainless steel spinning or fixed rubber teeth. The nozzle offers flow ranges of 70 to 200 gpm @ 100 psi, or 70 to 200 gpm @ 75 psi, is fully NFPA compliant, features TFT’s patented slide valve, and can be flushed without shutting down.

Likewise, depending on preference, the Metro series is available with fixed rubber or stainless steel spinning teeth. The Metro, the ultimate fixed gallonage nozzle, features over 50 different combinations and NFPA #1964 certification on most models. The series offers a variety of flow choices, and is unique with its ability to offer different operational pressures AND multiple tip configurations.

“Whatever your choice of nozzle or fog pattern design, it’s important to know and understand the benefits and limitations of each,” Carringer said. “As any department out there can tell you, training and education are key elements in using your equipment and team to their full potential.”

For more information on TFT’s spinning teeth and Midmatic and Metro nozzle lines, call TFT at 800 – 348 2686 or visit