TFT’s New Eductor and PRO/pak Designed for Alcohol Resistant Foam Concentrate

VALPARAISO – With over 3.5 billion gallons of ethanol produced in the U.S. last year alone, chances of firefighters being involved in biofuel incidents are increasing daily. To help them prepare, Task Force Tips (TFT) is now offering a new line of 250 and 350 gallon per minute (gpm) Foam Eductors, as well as its best-selling PRO/pak Portable Foam System – all specifically designed to handle the new thicker, alcohol resistant foam concentrates (ARC).

“It’s like when that train recently wrecked in Pennsylvania, where nine cars filled with ethanol caught fire?” said Rod Carringer, TFT vice president of marketing and sales. “The possibility of having thousands of gallons of biofuel exploding in one of our back yards is no longer out of the question. We have to figure out how we’re going to prepare for something like that.”

The matter is being driven even closer to home as unsuspecting motorists use E-85 or other ethanol blends in cars not equipped to handle biofuels. The increased alcohol/biofuel content can quickly degrade car gaskets and o-rings, causing fuel and oil leaks, thereby increasing the possibility of emergency incidents.

One immediate preventative measure lies in TFT’s new 250 and 350 Foam Eductor series, which are specifically designed for 2.5” or 3” attack lines with high-flow applications. The new eductors’ pick up hoses are up to twice as large as the competition’s, allowing for quicker and easier pick up of the gelatin-like alcohol resistant concentrate.

Another significant eductor design difference is that TFT’s stainless steel pick-up tube DOES NOT have a screen on its inlet, unlike most competitive models. TFT designers discovered that screens, although good for the lighter Class A and AFFF foam concentrates, have the potential to block the uptake of the heavier, thicker alcohol-resistant concentrates.

All TFT eductors feature the company’s unique push-button back-flush self-cleaning mechanism, located on top of the unit. The metering head is easy-to-read and operate – even while wearing gloves. Its quick disconnect feature allows easy removal from a charged line, as well as simple break down for storage. The hard coat anodized aluminum body protects from corrosion, and the series performs well with all class A, AFFF and ARC foams.

An eductor is also a key component in TFT’s best-selling PRO/pak Portable Foam System, although it’s hidden from view by the system’s high-impact plastic reservoir case, which holds up to 2 ½ gallons of class A, AFFF, or ARC. This industry unique foam system is an affordable and rapid way to prepare for and attack fires, as well as suppress hazardous spill vapors and enhance water applications.

The PRO/pak can be set to the ratio of foam or wetting agents being used. It features a large, easy-open fill port with an indicator to show the type of liquid in its tank, and is controlled by a twist grip flow-control valve that doubles as a carrying handle.

Its three different quick connect nozzles, discharge hose, and cap are self-contained for easy access. The straight-stream nozzle affords maximum reach and penetration up to 50 feet. The low-expansion nozzle is ideal for Class A and B foam solutions, where need for reach outweighs expansion. The medium-expansion finishes off the quick-connect set of nozzles, producing a dense foam that’s best for vapor suppression and longevity.

When used in combination, TFT’s PRO/pak Portable Foam System and new Foam Eductors can arm you with a complete foam storage, injection and application system that will help you be confidently prepared for ethanol /biofuel incidents.

For more information about TFT’s PRO/pak and Eductor, visit or call 800 348 2686.