TFT’s Oasis Hydrant Assist Valve Boosts Water Supply Operations

VALPARAISO – TFT’s new Oasis Hydrant Assist Valve allows 100% increase in water supply operations . . . really!

“Too often, poorly performing hydrant systems, small diameter hose or thousands of feet of supply line impede maximum water flow performance,” said Rod Carringer, vice president for sales and marketing at Task Force Tips. “With the Oasis Hydrant Assist Valve, the operator can maintain flows in less than favorable conditions and control flows in rapidly changing fire-ground situations.”

The versatile Oasis Hydrant Assist Valve can be used as a hydrant booster, a gated wye, and/or an inline pump in long relay operations. Its TFT signature stainless half ball design not only allows for an open waterway, but it also helps cut the valve’s friction loss to an industry low 15 psi @ 1000 gpm. It meets NFPA slow close requirements, satisfies NFPA 1965 criteria (max operating pressure of 250 psi), and passed the 900 psi hydrostatic strength test.

The valve’s clapper, a TFT-unique free floating safety feature, keeps an uninterrupted flow of water continuously moving towards the fire. When the boosting engine pressures up, the clapper swings open, using the newly charged water to bolster its firefighting attack. Should the boost pressure fail for any reason, the valve will seamlessly return to using its original hydrant-direct flow.

Position indicators on the Oasis confirm if the ball and clapper valves are open or closed. Similarly, the valve’s boost indicator allows the operator to monitor the direction of the water’s path.

“The Oasis can also be used as an assist valve in long hose-lay operations, allowing a responding apparatus to boost pressure anywhere the valve is installed,” Carringer said. “It also boasts TFT’s hard coat anodized aluminum alloy casting, as well as its exclusive powder-coat finish. On top of giving it maximum corrosion resistance, that casting allows this valve to weigh in at a little under 35 pounds.

“Bottom Line?” Carringer continued. “The Oasis Hydrant Assist Valve is one cost effective, easy-to-deploy tool that will dramatically improve anyone’s fire flows.”

For more information about TFT’s Oasis Hydrant Assist Valve, visit or call 800 348 2686.