Home Defense Unit from GelTech Solutions Available at TheFireStore


Coatesville, PA (TheFireStore.com) August 17, 2011 – Homeowners get another line of defense to help save their home and property in the face of wildfires thanks to GelTech and TheFireStore.com.

During times of crisis, fire departments cannot offer protection for every homeowner as resources become extremely limited. The HDU: Home Defense Unit is a great option for the protection of structures and property exposed to an advancing wildfire. GelTech developed the Home Defense Unit for FireIce Gel as an affordable solution that would give every homeowner in a fire zone the opportunity to protect their home and property. The effectiveness, ease of use, and versatility of FireIce provides a cost effective solution to fight fires and save more lives and property.

When mixed with water, FireIce becomes a tremendous weapon against fire, and is highly effective as a medium-term fire retardant for structure protection. Available in two models based on the square footage of coverage, the HDU features a Patent Pending Eductor System that produces an in-line mixture of water and FireIce for quick, trouble-free application. The gel forms a cohesive layer which acts as a vapor barrier and prolongs the effectiveness of the water. Both systems clean up quickly and easily with pure water and no messy residue – as an added benefit the runoff will help hydrate the soil profile for several weeks. FireIce is safe for equipment, inert, and environmentally friendly.

After two years of effort from GelTech’s R&D Team, the FireIce HDU™ is now available the public from TheFireStore.com. Wildland departments learning of the amazing capabilities that FireIce has suppressing fires in forests, brush and grass lands – now homeowners can employ the same protection.

Visit TheFireStore.com to learn more and watch two videos of the HDU in action. Don’t face another wildfire outbreak without this powerful weapon against fire.

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