Junkyard Dog Becomes U.S. Distributor for Packexe SMASH Products

Junkyard Dog Industries (Horsham, PA) is proud to announce that Packexe has joined forces to distribute the Glass-Management Product line “SMASH” throughout the U.S. A long awaited concept of glass managing film and applicator, the SMASH products provide a superior way of confining and retaining glass fragments and shards better than other products currently being used by rescuers throughout the U.S.

Packexe, a U.K. company, has been manufacturing other film based products for industry over many years. Their products are distributed worldwide and mainly used in the construction and shipping industries.

The idea to have a dispenser and special film to control glass during extrication procedures came from the president and owner, Andrew Orchard. Knowing the film covering market and recruiting assistance from fire brigades in the U.K., the SMASH product evolved and has been in use for over 18 months in other parts of the world.

First introduced to the U.S. market last year, the demand for the product in the U.S. started increasing and distributors were sought after. Junkyard Dog Industries recognized that the SMASH product provided rescuers with a more efficient and effective way of managing glass and began researching and testing it.

“While testing the product, we found that the SMASH not only did a better containment of glass if broken, but strengthened the glass to a point that if covered by the SMASH film, glass can be left intact during the extrication, even with hydraulic tools being used.” says John K. Evans, president of JYD.

The applicator holds the roll of film in place while applying to the window. The film is perforated every 4 inches to easily tear away at the end of an application. The SMASH product will be sold in a kit that includes: Dispenser; 164 foot roll for dispenser; 164 foot hand roll (un-perforated); cutter; safety knife; squeegee; a cloth; and, a carry sack.

The hand roll film can be used to manage glass on windshields both outside and inside the vehicle reducing glass dust and shards when being cut away. The Packexe SMASH is safe, easy and quick to use as a glass management tool.

Junkyard Dog Industries network of dealers will be handling this product in the U.S. market.

Contact Junkyard Dog Industries at 1-800-574-8228 or visit the website at www.junkyarddogindustries.com for additional information and to locate the nearest dealer. Junkyard Dog Industries: A division of ESI Equipment, Inc.